Namaste & Welcome
to the Inhouse Academy

Welcome to the Inhouse Academy Kindergarten!

Inhouse Academy was established in 2067 B.S./ 2010 A.D. in the small town Dhulikel, Nepal. We provide a safe and high-quality daycare for local children. We believe education plays an important role in their development. We prepare children and their families to face the challenges of accessing high-quality education with limited resources. To realize this mission, the energetic and experienced team of Inhouse Academy is committed to providing an outstanding education for both students and parents.

It is our main moral objective to promote the progress of intellectual creativity and physical growth of each child.

Be part of our team!

We need independent, caring and dynamic people to join the Inhouse Academy team. If you’re an early education teacher or ESL instructor we offer great volunteer opportunities. This is a unique chance to tap into the rich and colorful Nepali culture while empowering a future generation. Contact us for more details.

The education of children is an equal responsibility between parents, teachers and our society.