Inhouse Academy was established in 2067 B.S./ 2010 A.D. in the small town Dhulikel, Nepal. We provide a safe and high-quality daycare for local children. We believe education plays an important role in their development. We prepare children and their families to face the challenges of accessing high-quality education with limited resources. To realize this mission, the energetic and experienced team of Inhouse Academy is committed to providing an outstanding education for both students and parents.

To ensure an advanced level of education, a child should be raised in a friendly and familiar environment. In addition, this includes scientifically proven teaching and learning methods that focus on the psychological development of the child. When it comes to developing an education system there is a shared responsibility between teachers, parents, and society. Because of that, Inhouse Academy follows the goal to promote the intellectual creativity and physical growth of each child that gets admitted and joins our Inhouse family.

Our Vision

It is our vision to increase the quality of the education we offer continuously and to build a safe and rewarding environment for the children. To achieve these goals, we pursue the following principles:

  • We want our children to develop curiosity about school and learning.
  • We aim at developing a child’s talent through enhancing their creativity.
  • We provide creative and practical education.
  • We teach them a feeling of respect towards the elders and disabled people.
  • We develop ECA programs that support sportsmanship and entertainment.
  • We provide high quality education in a familiar and friendly environment.
  • We follow the Montessori education process to support the development of a child in every stage.
  • Our highly skilled teachers do everything in their power to develop unique teaching methods tailored to the needs of every single child.
  • We supply our children with healthy and safe playing materials.